The Platform

Common Sense Party Platform

  1. The Democrats and Republicans have nothing to offer us. They are going extinct because they cannot evolve. We are the new alternative. Former Democratic and Republican candidates will not be allowed to run on the Common Sense Party ticket. Average citizens will be encouraged to run.
  2. Lobbying will be made illegal immediately. Any attempt at lobbying is treasonous.
  3. For any fraudulent action by large companies (ex. VW Dieselgate, Apple slowing down phones, etc.), the CEO is always held responsible. Also, the company will be boycotted based on the recommendation of the Common Sense Party. In other words: the people are going to take control through Capitalism.
  4. News shows that want to use the word “news” in their title cannot have sponsors, commercials, etc. They will get monetary support directly from the viewers that want to watch their show. Other formerly called “news” shows will have to be called “human interest shows” or something similar. Ratings and the news make for fake news.
  5. All forms of “snake oil advertising” will be eliminated. Claims that cannot be proven will be permanently removed from advertising and labelling. Sale of such items however will not be stopped or limited. Consumers will be able to buy what they want.
  6. Consumer data cannot be collected unless the company receives a signed and notarized agreement by the consumer. No exceptions. Obviously, even the largest tech companies can’t protect our data.  The data can never be sold.
  7. Voting requirements for citizens will be identical in every state and will not change. Corporations will not be allowed to contribute to election campaigns.
  8. Congressional districts will be fixed without regard to political parties and will not change except when balanced for a new census. Term limits will be voted on by the people and a constitutional amendment will be approved.
  9. Congressmen and Senators will not be provided with healthcare. They will be provided with a stipend to purchase insurance. Raises will be approved by a vote of the people only.
  10. Appointed federal officials will be required to give full disclosure of their finances and expertise in the field. Unqualified nominees will not be considered.
  11. There is nothing more important than saving our environment. Period.  The United States will rejoin the Paris Agreement.
  12. The Equal Rights Amendment will be revived and passed. Paying men and women different salaries for the same work is not legal.
  13. Plastic packaging and plastic bags to be eliminated in 3 years.  No exceptions.  Biodegradable packaging to replace plastic.  Imported goods will follow the same requirements.
  14. Refugees: Each state will determine annually how many refugees it will take, if any.  The sum of the states will be the number of refugees we take in.
  15. Tariffs on imported goods will be set at the same level as our goods are charged in each country.
  16. A line drawn in the sand by the United States will never be ignored.
  17. Any interference in United States elections by a foreign power will be answered in the harshest terms.
  18. The tech companies need regulation.  They’ve shown that their only interest is in  their stock price.



Download the PDF of the Party Platform to share with your friends. We need feedback and constructive criticism to fully develop our ideas. This should give you the core that we are reaching for and the values by which we are motivated.