Our Philosophy

Common Sense Party Philosophy

50% of the people being miserable is not the American way. And I am not just talking about President Trump.

We liberals have been forcing our preferences on the right just as much as is being done to us now. The founding fathers didn’t want or plan that things should end up broken as they are today. They wanted everyone to be able to pursue happiness in their own way and follow their own ideas. They expected states’ rights to be able to insure this. In fact, when they were writing the constitution their biggest fear was the “tyranny of the majority”. Very smart People! In fact, that fear led to the Bill of Rights. And now even those rights are being compromised. For example, the right to assemble and free speech are being denied to groups that most people don’t agree with. And where is freedom of religion for nurses that don’t want to participate in abortions. Again, this is not what the founding fathers had in mind. Indeed, we have Tyranny of the Majority.

Of course, we need a strong federal government: for the armed forces, protecting civil rights, voting rights, women’s rights and so forth.

The Democrats and Republicans have nothing to offer us. They are going extinct because they cannot evolve.

If you look at what is happening around the world, people couldn’t be more fed up with the existing political parties that have been unresponsive to our needs. Look at Iceland. People have thronged to the Pirate Party! We need a new party. For now, we have named it the Common Sense Party, after Thomas Paine’s great work. It will be based on maximizing States Rights and minimizing the federal government (tyranny of the majority).

My friends and I are liberals. I have expressed these ideas to them with mixed reviews. But when I ask how else we can fix things, they have not had even one idea. Some of them have now started to see that the Common Sense Party is the only fix.

Please help by sharing with your friends, if you agree.

Thank you,

David Jacobson