Hello.  My name is Dave Jacobson and I am responsible for the contents of this site.

During the end of Obama’s presidency, we all could start to see how broken our system of government has become.  And it has only gotten worse.

Last summer I watched for the second time:  Liberty: The American Revolution.  It is a documentary that focuses on the Revolutionary War, and in episode 6, the last, it covers the development of the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  That is where I first heard the phrase “Tyranny of the Majority.”  The Founding Fathers and citizens were VERY worried that the Federal government would become the Tyranny of the Majority, and usurp the rights they had fought for.  And so they wrote the Bill of Rights to protect us.

I can’t exactly say it came to me in a flash, but soon thereafter I realized that we have gone completely off the rails with regard to how the Founding Fathers expected the government to work:  Each state making its own laws, and its people pursuing happiness according to their family values.  Federal Government only “as required”.

The key to change at this time in our history is dumping the Democrats and Republicans in the trash.  We can do this if we come together…and the powers that be can’t do anything about it!

Let me know what you think. And please share if you agree!






3 thoughts on “Blog

  1. David Jacobson

    Hello all,
    The latest info on the site is 56 visitors who viewed 264 pages…so we haven’t quite gone viral yet. I am looking for other ways to get the word out…if you know of any let me know or Just Do It! Thus far we have a Facebook page, a Twitter page and a Pinterest page…Share, share and share again.
    As is stated by Thomas Payne on the opening page, a revolution takes time and the idea has to grow on people. Dave


  2. Trevor

    Hi David, I like your ideas and would like to run on a variation of your platform.
    I assume since you run the site, you will have access to my email, so please send me a message so we can talk.



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